Throw off your Winter Woolies and join us for a SPRINGclean run – Sunday 1st September at 6:30

Message from Leigh:

Hi, it is time for the Annual Spring Run, and seeing as Denton is not longer around to host it, I’m taking over!!

A friend of Bryanston Bombers is starting a running group in Ivory Park as folk there are really keen to run but can’t afford kit, taxi fares etc. There is a real need to focus on something positive…like running! So please spring clean your cupboards and bring your old running shoes or clothes and give them to either Leigh or Jules on or before 1 September. Of course any new items will be gratefully accepted. Thanks.


When: Sunday 1st September – 6:30

Where: Leigh’s place – 6 Cadogan Road, Bryanston

How far: 15 km

Entrance Fee: 1 running item

Please RSVP to Leigh by commenting on this post.

PPS: There will be some muffins and juice for after the run so that everyone can catch up.


Road Safety – ID Bracelets

Hi Bombers

Here is a good reminder on why it is important to keep safe on the roads and to be prepared.

And as it gets darker in the mornings, make sure you are visible – wear white shirts and a reflector band.

The mail below was sent out in the Nedbank Runners Guide, recently:

Road Safety – extract from Nedbank Runner’s Guide Newsletter
We are constantly bombarded with news of runners, cyclists, sporting enthusiasts and bikers having horrible and sometimes fatal accidents while out doing what they love best. These are followed by queries as to whether anyone knows the person wearing red shoes on a certain road, at a certain time and could they please contact the family urgently. At large events this can be mayhem – a friend of ours had a serious crash at a major event and her cellphone was smashed in the fall. As she was unconscious she was taken to hospital – her family were in a tizz as she never arrived at the finish line and then the desperate calls to all the hospitals to see if anyone matching her description had been admitted. I am sure not a process that anyone would like to endure again!

We chatted to Patrick Baransky, Nedbank Sponsorship Manager, about sport road accidents, he had the following to say, "I had ID bracelets made for my whole family to wear when out training or at events". This means that if something happens while on the road or if his children get lost at events then at least the person that finds them has all the tools needed to react quickly with the right information. As road safety is a cause close to our heart we asked Patrick to write a note about how to get safety ID bracelets. Below is Patrick’s letter to us all:

Dear runner, cyclist or sporting enthusiasts

Have you considered your safety when you are out exercising? Can a good Samaritan assist you should they come to your assistance and you can’t speak for yourselves?

Is there a way to contact your loved-ones? Do your training partners even know your next-of-kin contact details?

Perhaps you should consider exercising with a form of identification. While there are various solutions, two versions readily available and worthy of consideration are: or

Both have slightly different ways of connecting the dots, and both are cost effective solutions worthy of attention.

A cheap alternative are dog-tags with key contact and medical details, on your person or tied to shoes

Stay safe and happy exercising.

Patrick Baransky
Nedbank Sponsorship Manager

Running Road Safety

Hi Bombers

I trust everyone’s training is going well and you are all on track. Who will be joining me at the Pick ‘n Pay marathon this weekend?

Just a reminder, we are following the training program that Gill kindly drew up for us. This is loaded onto the website here . If you are unsure about what the session is, have a look.

On a slightly more serious note, below is an email from one of the Early Worm runners (the Early Worms are a ‘sister’ running group that runs out of the Planet Fitness Gym in Craighall Park). She explains how on the way to joining the morning run, she almost took out the group because they were running all over the road.

This is something that we also need to be fully aware of as I know the few times I’ve joined the Bombers this year we have also been guilty. Here are some simple guidelines to make sure that we are all safe:

  1. Run on the right side of the road – into the oncoming traffic (that way you can see what is coming)
  2. Keep to maximum 2 abreast (that way cars can still get past us)
  3. When a car comes to pass, make sure that everyone moves to the right of the road (if you move to the left, it makes it difficult for the car to pass and they are more likely to hit the smaller group on the left!!)
  4. Call out road obstacles such as potholes and rocks / bricks
  5. Wear a WHITE shirt. White is the most visible colour in the twilight when we run. (Red, blue, green, pink, black all look nice, but in the dark they blend in perfectly with the road – and you won’t be seen).
  6. When it is dark, wear a reflector belt with your WHITE top. (the more visible you make yourself, the better chance the cars will see you)

Please guys, lets all make sure that we are as safe as possible.

Cheers Iano

From: Janine Hayter
Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2012 4:32 AM
To: Whittal, Gillian [JACZA]
Subject: Runners on the Road – Safety at all times

Hi guys
I received the following mail from one of the runners. Quite pertinent and we really want to avoid any tragedies. As much as we complain about bad drivers we also need to look at our conduct on the road and take responsibility for being clearly visible and running safely. It’s also winter now and darker on the runs.
I meant to send below mail out a few days ago, but apologise for not doing so sooner. Apparently again a complaint was made this morning about runners from the gym this morning being strung out over the road….. Let’s be safe.

I’m sorry to bother you with this, but I’m afraid that I don’t have all the Worms e-mail addresses otherwise I would send it directly, but thought that maybe you could forward it for me.

I’m getting increasingly concerned when I see the way that some of the groups of runners are behaving on the roads.

Despite it being a reasonably early time of day that we set out, we are not the only people using the road and we do not have the right to take up the whole road – both sides!!

This was highlighted this morning, when I came across the 05h15 group from the Craighall gym. Luckily I was driving at about 40ks an hour, but I came around a corner and there was a large-ish group (probably about 10 or 12) all across the road in one straight stripe, who then scattered to both sides of the road. It was actually quite dangerous. Had I been going faster or not watching, I might have gone straight into the group. Luckily this didn’t happen – thank goodness, but …………….

Please, guys and girls, we have to be aware that cars do have right of way. We should never run more than two – maximum three abreast, but certainly not right across both sides of the road, no matter what time of the day it is.

Race reports and other info


Well done to Bombers what ran the Hunters Challenge in Pretoria on Saturday 29th. I believe the Jacarandas were in full bloom and were stunning and they inspired some awesome performances. Fantastic!! Results were as follows (apologies if I missed any names:

Megan 1:37,
Izelle 1:38,
Ilse 1:40,
Leigh 1:41
Gill 1:42,
Mark 1:55, Sue H 1:56 Norah 1st GM 1:56

Well done everyone. Clearly Leigh’s training and guidance is paying off.!/BryanstonBombrs/status/130346125730398208

Over the last weekend I ran the Golden Gate Challenge on the Maluti  Mountains near Clarens. It was a 3 day stage race consisting of 28km, 27km & 17km stages over some awesome but technical trails. I really surprised myself by finishing 4th, 9th & 5th in each of the days for an overall position of 6th (out of a 130 field). My time was 8:20 for the 72km. Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support.

On another more sober note. I believe there was an incident this morning where a car jumped a stop street and nearly collected a few Bombers who were running. Fortunately noone wad hurt, but it does highlight how careful we must be. Carry on wearing white tops and assume no driver has seen you. That way you remain in control. Run safe!!

This Sunday is the Soweto Marathon. I only know of Doug running, and if anyone else is running – Good luck to you all. Let us know how you did. There is a move for runners to wear a black armband in sympathy of those runners killed in Midrand. Show your support too.

In the afternoon on Sunday you can watch the New York marathon on SuperSport. It should be a good race with the Kenyans using it as a selection race for the Olympics.

For the tech savvy, follows the Bombers on Twitter @BryanstonBombrs (note the spelling.

Cheers Iano.

Safety on the road


This morning a really tragic event happened to a group of Midrand Striders who were out on their morning run. They were hit by a drunk driver and 4 ladies and a man were killed.

Please spare a thought and prayer for their families.

Keep aware and safe on the roads, wear white tops and run facing into the traffic.!/BryanstonBombrs/status/127789421289410561

Running Safety


It is really great this morning to see such a big running group. Running up Mount Street with Tony, it struck me what a colourful group we are. There were oranges, yellows, blacks, blues, whites, pinks, greys and greens scattering the roads.

Unfortunately, the only one that was appropriately dressed was Andrew, who was wearing a white T-shirt and a yellow reflective belt. Any other colour has a tendency for blending into the road or surroundings and makes you invisible. The sun is rising after 05h30 (see today’s weather on the right for actual time) and we start at 05h00 or earlier. Rather keep the colourful tops for the Sunday club run that starts later.

There is running group that meets in Jukskei Park at the Spar at 05h00 in the mornings (similar to us). A few weeks ago, they were out for their normal morning run and a car jumped a stop street and went right through the group, fortunately missing anyone. It could very easily have been a huge tragedy.

Something like a car jumping a stop street or robot is not something we can control, but there is a lot we can do to make ourselves safer on the road:

  • Wear visible clothing – there is nothing better than a White T-shirt
  • Wear a reflective belt – cars that have their lights on will see you up to 150m away from you. (If you are really bold, try wearing a flashing light on your reflective belt 🙂 )
  • Run on the right-hand side of the road, facing the traffic and away from the middle line. Running on both sides of the road makes it really confusing for cars trying to come through.
  • Call out for cars, cyclists, potholes, speed bumps (any obstacles) – sometimes I know my head is still on the pillow 🙂

I know that it is often not convenient to wear a white top & reflective belt, but lets rather be proactively safe on the road, than have to say: “If only I’d….”