Running Schedule

The Bryanston Bombers are a group of runners who get together to pursue a common interest, which is running.

We meet regularly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Bryanston. On the weekends we meet more informally on a Saturday by agreement and on Sunday at the RAC club run.

A schedule of where we run is below:

 Day Time Meeting Point Session
 Monday 05h00 – 06h00  Bryanston Methodist Church – Grosvenor Road  Easy run, approx 10km (not a fixed session, check first)
 Tuesday 05h00 – 06h00  Bryanston Methodist Church – Grosvenor Road  Quality – Hills/intervals, ( 2 tempo sessions in Jan/ Feb)
 Wednesday 04h30 – 06h00  Bryanston Methodist Church – Grosvenor Road  Easy – longer run
 Thursday 05h00 – 06h00  Bryanston Methodist Church –  Grosvenor Road  Quality – hard & moderate tempo, (2 hill/intervals session in Jan /Feb)
 Friday (04h30) 05h00 – 06h00  Bryanston Methodist Church –  Grosvenor Road  15km at 04h30 coming back to BMC at 05h00 for easy run, approx 10km
 Saturday  06h30 – 07h30  Fournos – Jan Smuts Avenue Dunkeld  Easy run, followed by coffee
 Sunday 06h00-09h00  Old Parktonians, Garden Road, Bordeaux  RAC Club Run – varies weekly from 23 to 28km

Bryanston Methodist Church (BMC)

Devonshire Park

Rand Athletic Club (RAC)


2 Responses

  1. Hi All,
    We are meeting at the Bryanston Methodist Church most days now and not Hamilton Park until further notice.
    Kind regards, Gill

  2. Hi.

    There will be no more runs from the Hurlingham boom on Fridays. The venue will be Bryanston Methodist Church and a group will start at 04.30am for those who want to do 15km. This group will return to the church to pick up the 5.00am group who will complete the last 10km together. This run is at an “easy” pace as we are usually tired from the Tuesday and Thursday quality sessions and don’t want to tire ourselves out before Sunday’s long run/race.


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