Comrades 2010

2010 is a big year for Comrades, being the 85th running of this mad ultra marathon. It will also be the second largest field that has entered (with 23,656 entries), behind the 75th anniversary in 2000 (which had approx 24,000 entries).

On this page are links to information that will make your race more enjoyable.

Denis Kennedy’s preview of the 2010 Race

Denis runs for Wanderers and has run 20 Comrades marathon’s and knows the course extremely well. He has written a detailed description of the lead up to the race and a blow-by-blow account of the race. Reading this is excellent preparation for the run.

Barry Holland’s Comrades Down Run

Barry runs for Jeppe and has run 37 consecutive Comrades marathons, starting in 1973. He has a best time of 6:29 and has 22 Silvers. Here is his description of the Down Run, written before the 2009 Down Run. He has broken the race down into 5 sections with a course profile and description of each section.

Comrades Down Run Profile

Have a look at the race profile. Have this open when you are reading Denis’ description of the race.

Comrades Down Run Route Map

Here is the route map, with great detail of the intersections that the route crosses and points where spectators can go to watch their runners. Don’t worry that it says 2009 – the course is the same (with some minor detours at the start).

Comrades Silver Statistics

This is an interesting article from the Super Athletics website, looking at what it takes to get a Silver (sub 7:30) in Comrades – by the numbers.

Also, have a look at Philippo’s thoughts on how to get a Silver medal. Philippo has run 15 Comrades, the last 5 being Silver.

Comrades Down Bill Rowan Program

This is the program that Terry put together to get 9 runners to their personal best times.


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