Jenni’s 2016 Two Oceans and Comrades Program

Thanks to Jenni for putting together a fantastic UPDATED program (click here to download it)  to meet the goal of running a Sainsbury (sub 5) Two Oceans Marathon and a Bill Rowan (sub 9) Comrades Marathon.

History has shown that the Bombers are particularly successful in achieving both Two Oceans and Comrades goals. It’s actually quite simple, follow the program and pitch up at the training runs… The comradery and support will take you a long way towards achieving your goals – and don’t worry – this goes to all speeds of runners.

Enjoy the program.


  1. 26th March – 4:59 Two Oceans Marathon
  2. 29th May – 8:59 Comrades Marathon

This programme is very flexible and you can adjust it according to your needs and when you prefer your rest days. We will stick to the following venues for the runs. It is advisable to check if you want to run on a Monday, as this can change intermittently. Friday runs are also fairly flexible.

Monday to Friday: Bryanston Methodist Church

Weekends: RAC/Races/Fournos/Other


Two Oceans and Comrades Programme 2016

5 km Time Trial Route

Here is the start of the Bombers 5km Time Trial:


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