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Funeral Notice of the Late Val Wilkinson

From: “Rand Athletic club”

Funeral Notice of the Late Val WilkinsonDear Members

It is with sadness that I share the news to you all of the passing away of
The Late Val Wilkinson.

Val has organised the Zoo Lake Saturday Time Trial since the very early 80’s

Val has been the secretary of Rockies Running Club for the same period.

Val has been a Ref at races in the Province and Comrades for many years.
She has served you the runner continuously.

The funeral service will be held on
Date: Monday, 4 August 2014
Time: 14h00
Venue: Bedford Chapel, 4 Bradford Road, Bedfordview

Rest in Peace Val. Your marathon is done.

With our fondest love.

Dick & Vreni & All the RACers who have benefitted from having Val involved in Road Running.


In memory of Val, this Saturday 2nd August, Geoff Lee is organizing a 5km memorial run on the Rockies 5km Time trial route. The start will be at 7:30 from the Parking area outside Moyo at the Zoo Lake.

Please wear black in memory of Val.


Comrades Marathon 2014 – Tracking details


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Nedbank Green Mile

Comrades Finish

Bombers, only 1 more sleep. Travel safely and keep off your feet now.


Here’s your map to the finish line.

The RAC tent is no 29, so hope to see you all there.


Track your Comrade 2014!

Hi Bombers

Only 3 sleeps to go (remember you don’t count the last night).

It looks like the weather forcast for race day is really favourable. In Maritzburg at the start, the temp is looking to be a warmish 13 8 degrees so make sure that you dress warmly at the start. I like to run in a long-sleeved T-shirt over my race kit and then a short-sleeved T-shirt over that. I can then discard layers as it warms up (don’t discard at the top of Polly Shortts as it is quite cold in the dip of Little Pollys).  As you move towards Durban it should warm up nicely to around 24 degrees at 2pm, with some rain in the afternoon.  

For the novices (and others) who what to know about the Comrades Course and what to expect, have a read of the following:

  1. Barry Holland’s description of the Down Run Route – I’m told that Barry is now living in Ballito and has a joined the break-a-way Bomber Group down there (bun & coke, bun & coke, bun & coke… is his new mantra!)
  2. Denis Kennedy’s article before the 2010 Comrades Down Run

So on to who is running Comrades this year (if I have missed anyone, I sincerely apologise – let me know and I’ll add them). I would have added Kerri-Lyn’s no, but she won’t tell me what it is…

I also believe that there are some Bombers struggling with head injuries in the last week before the race – take it easy and lets pray you make it down there.

You can track runners in one of 3 ways:

  1. Online via the Comrades Website. Its a new website so I’m not 100% sure how it works, but you can then watch your runners progress progress throughout the day.
  2. SMS the race number to 39174 and you will receive 4 messages throughout the day, tracking the runners progress. This costs R15.00 per runner (one race number per SMS). Make sure you only type the race no and not the starting batch letter too.
  3. Facebook If your runner has registered for Facebook updates, then you will receive them on their Facebook profile. Runners can only link their Comrades no to Facebook at the Expo now, so make sure you do it when you register this weekend.
  4. Online Video Streaming. Last year, you could watch the race live on the Web by logging onto the race website. I’m not sure if you can now, but try anyway!
As you can see, as always there are quite some good times the last time the down was run.
Good news is that G-batch has now gotten a new captain again this year… (though I’m told by the outgoing captain that this doesn’t really mean much…)
Race No First Name Last Name Category Club Batch (medals) Last Down
 55258  Ian  Hendry Vet Rand AC G (6) 08:08:19
 52855 Sue Naude Open Rand AC F (7) 10:19:24
5900 Denton Muil Vet Rand AC E (14) 09:36:07
19894 Ali Legwale Vet Rand AC D (3) 09:27:04
42985 Alison Miller Open Rand AC D (0) Novice
22495 John Glendinning Open Morningside C (4) 08:57:56
20051 Nicki Ryder Open Rand AC C (3) 08:16:06
22630 Donald Holshausen Open Rand AC C (9) 08:51:15
37370 Lianne Rey Vet Rand AC C (7) 08:34:09
41774 Doug Jones Open Rand AC C (5) 07:56:17
30062 Kate Rees Open Rand AC C (4) 08:52:41
36514 Caron Askew Open Rand AC C (4) 09:10:00
42405 Jenni Kruse Vet Sunninghill C (3) 08:24:51
  Kerri-Lyn Sydow Open Rand AC C (0) Novice
57214 Martine Baker Open Rand AC B (2) 08:16:08
Good luck everyone!!
See you on the road.
Comrades Track Your Runner 2014

Be afraid…

4 sleeps to go until you get to experience this.
But don’t worry, you’ve done the work