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If you are planning a training session and would like some “Bomber” company, let us know where and when you are training, so other Bombers can join you.

The Bombers


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  1. Hi,
    Do the running sessions still take place at 05h00? Is it still Monday, Wednesday and Friday the “easier” run and Tuesdays and Thursdays are the 15km runs?

    064 928 1741

    • Hi Busi. the runs are monday to friday at 5am – 6am from Bryanston methodist Ciurch. Tuesdays and thursdays are quality sessions. Occasionally it is arranged via whatsapp to do a longer run. Please whatsapp me on 0721807735 for more info. Hope you join us sometime!
      kind regards

  2. Hi there, I can’t seem to find contact details on your website. How can we sign up to your running club? Thanks!

    • Hi Nadia
      We are not a running club – we are a group of like-minded runners who get together to run.
      Please come and join us one of the mornings. Tuesday or Thursday at 04:55 in the Bryanston Methodist Church parking area.

      • Hi Iano

        Hope this meeting time still stands?


      • Hi Tamara

        Best time to join for the first time is on a Tuesday or Thursday morning at 05:00 (get there 5 mins early to meet) at Bryanston Methodist Church (BMC).


      • Sure come and meet then. Group leaves promptly at 5

  3. Hi there

    I would like to start running in the mornings – 5:00 am. I am not a professional runner nor training for any marathon (at least for now). I am just a beginner
    Do you have space for someone like me?

    • Hi Tebogo, come around one morning and meet the crew.

    • You are very welcome; the group meets Monday to Friday at 5am at Bryanston Methodist Church. Pace varies around 5:2-5:40. Slower runners are ‘fetched’. On Tuesday and Thursday we do hills or interval sessions.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.
      Hope to see you

  4. Hi – I would like to take up running with my aim of two Oceans half next year, I haven’t for years and in lead-up to Argus I had a pretty horrendous crash – only just properly recovered now so I am really unfit.- I certainly wouldn’t manage distances and paces you guys are doing now. I live on Wilton to Grosvenor is so convenient for me. Can anyone provide me with advice / loose training programme so I can work on my own and join you when I “catch up” with you guys? I also don’t really want to run by myself – I once trained on a treadmill for a few months (including intervals, hills etc) and when I hit the road I found I was much less fit than I thought I would be – is treadmill training pretty useless? Thanks in advance for any advice, Sarah

  5. Hi Bombers
    I would love to join the running group in the mornings. Please can I have more details as to when you will be meeting next so I can join. Thanks Laurelle

  6. Hi Danielle
    We’d love you to run with us! We’re a group, not a club, so very informal.
    We do ‘quality’ on a Tuesday and Thursday at 5am from Bryanston Methodist church, and there are usually always people running an easy run ( approx 5.30mins/km) on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    i think best is to whatsapp me on 0721807735 if you have further questions and to let me know when you keen to come so I can make sure someone looks out for you !
    Hope to see you soon
    Kind regards

  7. Hi Bombers.

    I’d like to join your club. I’ve entered comrades 2017. Hope you can help me.

  8. Hi, I would like to start training for the upcoming 2 Oceans but I can only start the first week in August. I was wondering if your running team were still running and leaving from BMC? I would love to hear a reaponse back from you guys. Thank you!

    • Hi Melissa
      We would love to meet you! the group meets most days of the week at 5am for an hour; Tuesdays and Thursdays we do quality work (flat intervals / hills ) This is done on a single road so can be done at your own pace and no one gets lost or left behind; warm up is usually done at about a 5.30 – 5.40/km pace. There is usually a group running on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday too (could be anywhere between 5-6mins / km with the slower runners being fetched), although usually a smaller turnout. Weekends are also arranged by runners during the week. Let me know if you would like me to meet up with you one of the days or else just pitch up. I’ll be away 6-14th August; message me if you have any other specific questions.
      Hope to see you
      All the best

  9. My name is Taryn,
    I’m just getting back into running after having a baby. I would love to join you guys.
    What sort of pace do you run at?
    Are you still running from BMC?
    Looking forward to hearing back from you !

    • Hi Taryn
      Not sure if anyone got back to you, sorry. have a look at the message above and let me know if any further questions

  10. Good morning, do the Bryanston Bombers still run each morning? and is there a space for a relative beginner and not very fast runner?

    • Hi Sue
      Sorry if we never got back to you!
      have a look at the replies above and see if you’d like to come along

  11. Hi, how do I get involved and join the group? Greer

    • Hi Greer
      The best would be for you to come and join one of the morning runs. There is always someone running at 05:00 (get there a few minutes early to meet everyone) on most days, but Tuesday and Thursdays are the best to start on. The group meets inside the car park at Bryanston Methodist Church in Grosvenor Road.

  12. Happy New Year All. It is time to shake off the holiday indulgences and get moving. I have just posted the 2015 BB running programme to help us get started again. Kind regards, Gill

  13. How can I join?

  14. Good morning
    As I’ve seen so many comments written before me – I’ve just moved to the bryanston area and would love to find a group to run with – I’d just like to check that you still do Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning runs from BMC? Do I need to sign up for anything or be part of a club or anything like that?

  15. P.S.
    Sorry, I meant – who can I get in contact with. I look forward to getting going early with the group in the mornings, so look forward to receiving more info and a contact to maybe chat to on the phone. Please see my contact details below. Thanks.

    • Hi Liesl, we are running at 5:00 for an hour every weekday morning from the Bryanston Methodist church in Grosvenor Rd Bryanston.. Hope yo see you there, regards Lois.

  16. Hi!
    I would love to join you in the early mornings. Who can I contact to get more info and give my contact details with?
    Look forward to hearing from you ASAP.
    Kind regards

  17. Hi there.

    Please let me know when you will be commencing training again after 2014 comrades.

    Missed this one after doing the previous 2. Did not finish either one and hoping that I can train with the group in the hope of finishing 2015.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

    David Londt.

  18. Hi there, we just moved from Cape Town and I am looking for a group to run with. I have done a half marathon but am a little slower than everyone on here. Anywhere from 6:30 – 7:30 a KM depending on hills. Looking for a group that wont leave me behind. Tried a club out last night and fell behind and unfortunately no one waited for me and I ended up lost in the dark!

  19. I am MADHAV JOSHI from MUMBAI INDIA. I run in Mumbai. How I can be part of your grouop.

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